TOMOKI TAMURA (holic trax, doublet)

Berlin based Dj/Producer/Label head of Holic Trax Tomoki Tamura. Tomoki is probably one of the most successful japaneses djs in the world. He rocked the floor in top venues such as Fabric, Ministry of sound and Plastic people to name but a few. He was resident dj at london's legendary club The END/ AKA from 2007 until it finally closed its doors in 2009.

PLASTIC PIKE (s*e, club automatica)

Comes out of the deep sea of Northern Germany. A first signing on Full Intention Records in 2014 is the kickoff start for the project. Bringing the right bait for every situation and mixing old school, deep melodic tunes with Detroit influenced house and techno is the pikes brand.

LAMB ENT (s*e, dtape)

Formerly known as DER. His musical journey landed in Berlin almost a year ago focusing on deep and trippy house music. Lamb Ent has no musical boundaries to keep the people dancing.

FEDERICO FARINA (s*e, Soul Agency)

Listening a huge variety of music and surrounded by the flow of new rhythms, such as funky, house, soul, deep, techno, down tempo, ambient and dubstep, he developed an exquisite groovy fresh sound full of melodies that leaves the dacefloor flying or pumping for sure.

D.BIRD (s*e, Keep Real Birds)

Dani has somehow a taste that spam between funky,house, jazz & techno. After living for few years in France, he finally settled in Barcelona where he's a regular among the catalan electronic scene & afterhours.


Daliyama performs live electronic music. Using nothing but synths, bass guitar and drums, the trio turns music that's generally pre- produced, into a fully improvised live set. Daliyama is in never ending search for musical innovation. In this way, they wish to create the sound of 2015, in a way no one has ever seen or heard before. Dance, space, experiment.